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 Valentina Cristaldi
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LTJ Muse, Italian Gardener and botanical photographer @Valentina Cristaldi
talks about her connection to nature, photography and her love of jewellery. 









  What is your favorite place that you have travelled to?
 Bali. It's absolutely my favourite destination so far. The nature is stunning, flowers and plants everywhere. I usually love northern places but on my trip to Bali I discovered a wonderful, unique culture full of kindness.
 Silver or Gold & why?
I love gold! Especially rings, I think it is more elegant and I prefer it for my skin colour.
Your photography is so beautiful! Where do you draw your inspiration from?
 I love nature and it inspires me every day, wherever I go.
I work in a magical garden in East Sussex and love capturing new blooms, different leaves and I especially love showing every detail on my photos even when they are not perfect.
What song always brings you joy? 
‘Welcome Home’ , by Radical Face.
It reminds me of beautiful moments with my husband and I love listening to it in the car on long journeys.
Tell us about your passion for gardening/nature and how you got there?
I have always loved being surrounded by nature, one of my dreams was to be in it as much as possible, because it gives me joy and peace. I started with botanical photography and with it I became more and more interested in the structure of flowers, plants and how to grow them. What I love the most is sowing seeds and see the growing process.
What is your favorite piece of jewellery and why? 
My Liv Thurlwell Verde Ring! It is exactly the ring I always wanted, not only because it combines green and gold, which I love together, but also because of its shape and unique details! Stylish and fabulous!