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"Timeless Treasures: Blending Modern Style with Time-Honored Elegance"

Meet Liv...

Meet Liv...

My journey as a jewellery designer maker was inspired by my adventures around the world, where I discovered the captivating beauty of diverse cultures, vivid colors, architectural wonders, and the enchanting embrace of nature.

Fueled by this rich tapestry of experiences, I am driven to create exquisitely unique and beautifully designed jewellery for those who cherish authenticity and individuality. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in my intimate studio, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of the idyllic English countryside.

In my work, I embrace an alternative to the ordinary, specializing in crafting bespoke pieces that mirror the unique style and personality of their wearers. The very essence of what I do centres around crafting contemporary yet timeless pieces, destined to become cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.




Nestled in the serene beauty of the East Sussex countryside, LTJ's studio finds its home in a charming former cedar greenhouse factory. This is where the magic happens, where every piece of our jewellery is meticulously handcrafted by Liv and her dedicated small team.

We invite you to step into our world. You can book a visit to our studio, offering a unique opportunity to embark on a bespoke journey or explore our LTJ collections. Our doors are open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, ready to welcome you into our creative sanctuary.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and welcoming, providing you with an intimate glimpse into the art of jewelry making. Witness your jewellery come to life, and feel free to try on any of our designs, all while surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside.

To BOOK A VISIT email: contact@livthurlwell.com

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I hold a profound belief that my jewellery is not just adornment; it's a testament to craftsmanship, artistry, and the stories that connect generations. I am on a mission to create jewellery that is treasured today and destined to be cherished as future heirlooms.

I pour my heart into each piece, crafting pieces by hand with meticulous care. My commitment to quality and individuality shines through every creation.

What drives me? It's the passion for texture and the love for unique gemstones that fuels my creativity. Tourmalines, with their diverse characteristics and array of colours, often take centre stage in my designs. I revel in pushing the boundaries of metal, seeking to create finishes that are truly extraordinary.

LTJ'S jewellery is more than just accessories; they are expressions of artistry, inspired by love for craftsmanship and a dedication to the unusual.

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