Inspired by| Edouard Burgeat

LTJ Muse, French Artist Edouard Burgeat
talks about travel, his connection to nature, spirituality, and creative inspirations found along the way. 
 When are you most inspired?
I’m the most inspired during my expeditions around the planet. These are the moments when I really have time to write, draw, collect relics and take pictures that I then use/conceptualise back in my atelier.
We know you love to travel, where is a place you think everyone should visit?
Nepal is a place I would recommend to anyone. You will never feel as free, small and alive as in the Himalayas. I have been there several times already; it was a breathtaking, physical and sensory experience each time. The nature, the culture, the architecture, the smells, the people, etc. It's a simple trip to a place full of myths and spirituality. I recommend Vipassana in Pokhara if you want to educate/exploit your soul.
Edouard Burgeat Installations
 What advice do you have for someone starting out in the creative world?
Well, I would say it’s a mixture of one's experiences of life and art in a significant sense. From my expeditions, the connection to nature, cities I’ve lived in, my loves, my friends and artist I admire. 

For example, I did an outdoor installation in Slovenia with the Goethe Institute. I cast resin letters that my great-grandfather sent to my great-grandmother during the Second WW. I then use these to create a wall as a symbol against the reminiscences of borders in our world. 

There you have my experiences of travel as an artist resident in Ljubljana, the installation was exhibited in Tivolly Park in the nature, the letters are my family history, and the use of metal and resin comes from my inspiration & my London time at Central Saint Martins.



 What is your favourite piece of jewellery and why? 


First, I got a ring in a Tibetan refuge close to Pokhara a simple metallic circle with two sections, one of turquoise and the other of Lapis Lazuli. The other piece of jewellery is a necklace I found in Colombia, a traditional geometrical shape and full of colour necklace, made by a Colombian tribe.

 Edouard Burgeat and Travel

What scents remind you of home?

To me home is where I feel good in the present, it is not really one location. But I guess my atelier is what’s the closest to home for me. Then the smell of warm metal, burning steel that you just weld or cut will be that smell.