Inspired by | Creative entrepreneur Georgia Cornish

Inspired by | Creative entrepreneur Georgia Cornish

Georgia Cornish
Inspired by

 LTJ Muse, Georgia Cornish
talks about Unveiling Creative Passions: Exploring the World of Interior Design, Travel, and Jewellery







  We know you are a Gold girl! How does it make you feel to be adorned in Gold? 

I love the warmth of gold. It reminds me of the sun, making you feel sun kissed all year round.  


  What is your cocktail of choice? 

Too hard to choose - I do love a Negroni but would probably have to go for a Margarita!  



We know you love to travel, what is a place do you think everyone should visit?

I've been lucky to travel to some amazing places around the world. There are many that have made a lasting impression on me for different reasons. If A couple of years ago we travelled around Costa Rica and had a really memorable time there. It has a great surf culture, lots of stunning beaches and amazing food. Also, as a trailblazer for eco and environmental causes, the country is home to numerous national parks that are really well preserved and stunningly beautiful - all home to an incredible variety of wildlife.  
We absolutely love your style! Which of our pieces is your favourite?

The Borla Hoops – absolutely gorgeous! 

How did you discover your passion for creative interiors alongside photography and your clothing line? 


I have always enjoyed photography and design and pursued this more actively when I left university. After leaving university I worked for a couple of quite different interior design companies developing experience in both residential and commercial design. I then worked freelance where I was able to run with my own ideas a little bit more before taking over a B&B in Cornwall and having the opportunity to transform that into a boutique hotel with a cafe/bar.  


I recently launched my own brand Souk & Sol which has been a really great experience so far. It is a celebration of craftsmanship, sustainable design and pieces made to last. I am in the process of designing more pieces and am excited to see them come to life next year. 



What scents remind you of home? 
Byredo Bibliothèque - we always have the candle burning.



What is your favourite thing about Cornwall? 

Cornwall really does seem to have its own identity quite different from anywhere else in the UK. It's a wonderful community. I think what I really love most is the morning swims before work - it's the best way to start the day!