Jazmine Andrews Inspired by

Jazmine Andrews Inspired by
                                                                                               LTJ Muse, Artist Jazmine Andrews The Hebe Print

talks about her journey in to Lino printing, Jewellery, and the creative processes in her prints.
    How did you find your passions for Lino Printing?
I studied graphics at university and have always been a creative person since I was little, but I honed in on Lino printing during lockdown, Born out of boredom and a need to have some mental outlet, I started printing and sharing on Instagram and to my surprise people actually wanted to buy my work! It’s just continued to grow from there, and I’ve tried to explore and find my own style over the last couple of years.
 Jazmine Andrews and her prints    
Your designs are so bold and emotive, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I make stuff that I want to hang on my own walls, I’m very into interiors so I choose colours that I know will work with most interior styles, keeping the designs minimal yet bold. 
A lot of my inspiration comes from women - the female form is so beautiful and inspiring to me so you’ll often see nude silhouettes within my work. I also always loved Greek mythology so would create work inspired by goddesses and what they represent. 
Lately I’ve been really inspired by the table setting trend and experimenting with sketches of picnics and dinner parties - an ode to celebrating summer evenings with friends. 
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What Is your favourite piece of jewellery that you own?
My Liv Thurlwell gold hoop earrings are by far my most treasured and most-worn piece, I honestly never take them off. They go with anything, they’re the perfect size and I love the minimal shape with small details. 
I’ve also recently got a Bleue Burnham silver ring for my birthday which I’m obsessed with, its so fun and colourful and is a great statement piece for my hands.

What rituals do you practice to calm your mind after a long day/week
I find that Lino printing has always been a kind of therapy for me. Listening to a podcast and keeping my hands busy is the best form of meditation. That goes for any creative practice! Otherwise a walk with my doggo does the trick.  
A word of advice for someone new to creating art? 
Don’t be afraid to share it! You can’t worry about what people with think. Just create the art that you want to make, and then share it with the world. It doesn’t need to be perfect. 

Are you a gold or Silver Girl? Or do you love to mix it up? 
I’m a gold girl at heart but I do like to mix my metals occasionally

We are big pup lovers here at LTJ, how do you find it having fury assistant? 
He’s a bit cheeky but gets the job done! Otis is my little quality control pup, makes sure every print I send out is perfect in its own way, and keeps me company (usually on my lap) when I’m doing all the admin/content creation. 
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