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Susana Cárdenas
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LTJ Muse, Model and Wellness advocate
talks about her passion for health & well-being, family and her cultural jewellery inspiration.









What are your favourite things to do in Vancouver?

My favourite things to do is soaking up the sun with a beach walk, eat delicious vegan treats in a picnic spot, and exploring all the local stores on Main St. Vancouver is known for its coffee culture, and I love discovering new coffee shops throughout the city, I’m amazed at how many coffee shops we have here! When the weather's warm, you'll find me at the farmers market or Granville Island with the family, enjoying the fresh produce, pastries and live music.

We also have an abundance of lakes, forest parks and beaches so in summer I love spending time in bodies of water.




  Which piece in your jewellery collection is most special to you?


My most special piece of jewellery is this beautiful set of gold earrings, necklace and bracelet that belonged to my grandmother, it has roman numbers on them (they were trendy back in the day). It’s a family tradition that the jewellery gets passed from woman to woman, generation to generation. My mom carries jewellery from my grandma, my great-grandma and great grandma.

Every time I wear my grandma's gold set I feel like she’s with me, guiding me through my day. I usually wear it when I have a big photoshoot that I’m nervous about or when I feel like I need guidance in my life.



Jewellery inspiration


  How has your personal style evolved and where do you draw your
As I've grown and gone through different phases in my life, I think my personal style has evolved to reflect those changes. My family and cultural background played a big role in shaping my style, but when I moved from México to Vancouver and began interacting with people from different backgrounds my style begin to change.



Susana Cárdenas



 We know you are a Silver girl! How does it make you feel to be adorned in Silver?
Yes! I’ve been loving silver for the past few years! I think silver shines beautifully on my skin whether I have sun-kissed skin or a winter pale-like complexion. Silver is bold, elegant, modern and chic. I still wear my gold pieces once in a while but I am loving my silver accessories.


 Molten Pendant Silver


What are your favourite ways to practice self-care alongside being a
busy mother to little Eli, A health & Wellness consultant and a fashion
My self-care routine is all about finding balance in different ways. I prioritise my physical health by working out four times a week and having my green glow drink - A four-core supplement into one delicious drink: greens, pre/probiotics, vegan collagen builder and energy fizz. To unwind in the evening, I spend 30 minutes reading self-development books before bedtime. Connecting with nature through walks and dressing up is also part of my self-care routine.
However, I've learned that an easy and important self-love practice is simply "being present." In our fast-paced world, taking a moment to slow down and bring awareness to the present moment is a precious gift that I give to myself and those around me. Spending quality time with my loved ones, like my son Eli, and focusing on the Now is a powerful act of self-care."