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Evangeline Armstrong
Inspired by

LTJ Muse and Artist @evangeline.armstrong talks her processes, favorite jewellery and the inspiration for her incredible work
What is your favorite medium to work with and why?
 Stone. I mean - your making history with history. It’s ancient! 

Charcoal, Moulding, adding, blending and subtracting with this wonderful material in life drawing classes. Ephemeral. 

Lastly, oils- but I struggle. Sometimes it feels as though I’m wrestling a piece into being. 


How do you practice self care? 


I am an over-thinker, so for the most part my self care is getting into the studio, creative writing, movement, gratitude with my dear friend Yashodha (who shared a gratitude practice with me via email for 3 years daily!) life drawing, dancing or swimming. 


What is your favorite piece of jewellery and why?


LTJ rings! I always wear a spacey-silver ring on my left thumb that my sister made. I believe it's a good luck charm for our family.




What scents bring you joy?

I have a weird one with cigarettes! (I don’t smoke). My auntie Julia used to bring hand-me-down clothes and cookies when I was little; She was fun and cool, cookies were good.. and smoked a bunch. 



A word of advice for someone new to creating artwork?

It’s frustrating, then exhilarating, then frustrating again… then it wins you back with a little bliss. Whatever happens, don’t give up: You will learn a lot more about yourself and your mind if you persist.