Callista Hammered Disc Chain Bracelet

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The Callista Hammered Disc Chain Bracelet blends tradition with a modern flair. Its design is a nod to the timeless allure of celestial patterns. The flat Cuban link chain introduces a contemporary twist, symbolizing the unbroken thread that connects the past and the present. With delicate oval links, this bracelet invites you to elevate your style with its refined aesthetic. 

Our vermeil pieces are made from a recycled 925 sterling silver base, plated with a thick gold plating of 2.5 micron 18k gold plating. The vermeil plating is 5x thicker than the gold plating and nickel-free


Available in Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold vermeil and 9ct Yellow Gold
length: 7"
Width: 5.5mm 
Hammered disc charm: 15mm round